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If you'd like to pass the Administrators' Exam or the Medication Aide Exam the first time around and get the score you deserve please take advantage of this website. We have developed this site to help ease the stress of preparing for these exams.

Our team has come across several people trying to pass these exams, and most have reported that they were unable to find sufficient testing information to help prepare for the exams. When several of our participants took our prep courses, many have mentioned the questions we ask in our mock exams were very similar to the actual test; we then realize the importance of teaching these classes.

Please use our site as a tool to help prepare yourself for passing the Adult Care Home Administrators' exam and the Medication Aide Exam. We are sure these classes will increase your chances of getting a passing score the first time around. This will help decrease your stress, and your first attempt will be the last. Taking the State board exam over and over can be quite expensive.

Just a few years ago, the Medication Aide and the Administrators' Licensure State exams were free of charge in NC; now there is a fee that you will have to submit with your registration form in order to take these tests. The mock exams we provide you in class will help improve your chances of passing the first time. Becoming an Administrator and acquiring the Medication Aide certification are one of the preliminary requirements towards the licensure process of owning and operating your own Family Care Home. Register for your class today. Just go to our Registration page to sign up for your class.

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