About Our Courses

group of medical practitioners Medication Aide Prep Course

The Medication-Aide Prep Course is a course designed to help prepare the unlicensed medical person in adult care homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, and Rest-Home sections of long-term care facilities to take the Medication Administration Exam administered by the State of North Carolina.  

The Administrator’s Licensure Exam Prep Course

This comprehensive Administrators’ Exam Prep Course and Practice Exam is designed for persons trying to achieve an Administrators’ licensure for operating a small Family Care Home.  We have come across several people who have taken the exam and failed.  Like the State board exam, our practice exam consists of over 100 questions, and while the State board test is open-book, you’re given two hours to find the answers from the book.

The Hospice Care Training Course

The learning objectives for this course are:

  • To provide an understanding of the physical and psychological changes brought about by the dying process.  
  • To enhance caregivers’ ability to provide assistance to families facing the dying process.  
  • To provide an understanding of the advance care planning process and the care options available to persons with terminal illnesses.  
  • To enhance the understanding of the clergy’s’ role regarding the grieving process. 
  • To help support clergy in fulfilling their role in providing spiritual care at the end of life.  
  • To increase the caregivers sensitivity to the need for self care. 

This course provides an understanding of dementia and individual resident needs.  For supervisors, nurses and other direct care staff, we will discuss teamwork to improve a coordination of care coordination and to reinforce “Best Care practices”.

Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care Training Course

This course is also designed to help the student understand Dementia. 
The student will learn about the effects of dementia; and learn how to carryout techniques for dementia care.

What this course covers in depth:

  • What is Alzheimer’s​?
  • What is Dementia?
  • Diagnosis
  • Stages

The Family Care Home Start-Up Course

This comprehensive Family Care Home Start-Up Course was created to help fill the gap that is long needed. The course prepares students to open a small adult family care home with six or fewer residents.  Discussions will include how to identify property, licensure procedures, and policies and procedures including regulations and resident care assessments.  Food service, staff training and small business budgeting are also a part of this course. The course is designed to be completed in four days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with Fridays as optional for practice exams and reviews. The course objective is to prepare students on all aspects of opening a small adult family care home.

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