About Us

Nurse Family Care Home Policies and Procedures Group, LLC is your key provider of training and resources as you become a health care administrator of a family care home.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need in setting up and operating a family care home business. We offer other prep courses in addition to the Family Care Home Start-Up course.

What We offer:

We can also give you access to other related resources that further strengthen your foundations in managing your business.

We are a third-generation family of caregivers who have been in the caregiving business for over forty years. Our predecessors started a family care home in 1962 and, several years later, was successful in obtaining a loan to build a 29-bed facility. Over the past few years we noticed that there were not a lot of Family Care Homes, and we wanted to bridge that gap. We have talked with so many people who have had an interest in starting-up a family care home, but did not have the resources to get started. Some who were interested did not know who to contact for preliminary information on starting a family care home. Thus, our website is the first and original website that not only gives thorough and complete information on how to get started, but we also have painstakingly put together several manuals that would help you on your journey to become a licensed administrator and to start-up and operate your own family care home.

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