Family Care Home Start-Up

This comprehensive Family Care Home Start-Up Course was created to help fill the gap that is long needed. The course prepares students to open a small adult family care home with six or fewer residents. Discussions will include how to identify property, licensure procedures, and policies and procedures including regulations and resident care assessments. Food service, staff training and small business budgeting are also a part of this course. The Class requires completion of a 30 hour preceptorship in an approved setting.

Now, I Know you are probably not convinced! Let me give you a few good reasons why you can’t pass up this great opportunity. Listed below is a sample of topics we discuss in our four (4) day course.

  • Finding the right property: Size and required property features, zoning, building codes, sanitation and fire and safety. Construction and/or plan review submitted to the State. Developing policies and procedures. And we give an outline of what policies and procedures need to be covered.
  • Medication Management: We go over transcribing and documenting. Communications with pharmacy, Pharmacy reviews, Medication Storage and New order processing.
  • Licensure Process: The Department of Social Services and their involvement and preferred procedures. We tell you what needs to be submitted with the application. We go over menus approved by registered dietitian, we show you copies of pharmacy contracts, samples of monthly activity calendars, fire and safety inspection reports, and Health Department inspection reports.
  • Review of local and State Regulations: Also review of Resident Rights, Budgeting and Marketing information, Medicaid reimbursements, Details on patient assessments, care plans, and admission and discharge procedures.

We will discuss and go over much, much more throughout the entire course. The course is designed to be completed in four days, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Saturdays as optional for practice exams and reviews. The course objective is to prepare students on all aspects of opening a small adult family care home.

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